Crowds enjoying the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat FestivalFamily entertainment includes traditional lion dancingTeams can compete for the Hutong Anniversary Cup!

Announcing the Hutong Anniversary Cup!

To celebrate both the first anniversary of our opening later this month and the ancient tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Hutong Anniversary Cup at the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, starting from 2014.
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Suzhou is in eastern ChinaBeef braised in aged vinegar and ginger with vegetable riceTraditional zongzi sweet glutinous rice dumplings

Suzhou and zongzi conclude our ‘Double Fifth’ odyssey

Our very special ‘Double Fifth’ menu marking the Dragon Boat Festival is available from today until Monday 2nd June, and the final stop on our culinary tour of China is Suzhou, in the east of the country about 6o miles from Shanghai.

Suzhou is best known for its exquisite gardens and the canal network, now sadly mostly lost to development, for which the city was once known as ‘the Venice of the Orient’. The gardens however remain, and their delicate appearance is reflected in the subtlety of the region’s cuisine.
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Ma la chilli prawnsSichuanHutong double fifith menu 27th May - 2nd June

Sichuan and the meaning of ‘ma la’

Few dishes could better represent the famously fiery cuisine of Sichuan, one of the five regions to feature on our ‘Double Fifth’ menu earlier this year, than our Ma la chilli prawns. ‘Ma la’ comes from two Chinese characters meaning, respectively, ‘numbing’ 麻 and ‘spicy (hot)’ 辣 and describes the sensation in the mouth the dish creates.
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Pak Mei lion dance troupe danced through Hutong for Chinese New Year!Chinese New Year cocktails at HutongGuests were invited to treat themselves from a traditional candy boxLo Hei salad - a very special dish!Pak Mei lion dance at The View From The Shard - a world first!Hutong Operations Director Tony Geary handed staff red pockets containing a gift from the company.Hutong receiving its traditional cleaning.

Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations at Hutong

For our first Chinese New Year at Hutong our aim was to make it ‘the place to be to celebrate Chinese New Year in London’, and judging from the many happy faces we saw and kind comments we have received, we think we may have achieved it!

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Mix up our Lo Hei this Chinese New Year

As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations at Hutong we are delighted to bring to London the traditional Lo Hei (撈起) salad.

Lo Hei is a fortune- and prosperity-bringing dish at Chinese New Year. Its origins date back more than 750 years to the days of the Song Dynasty, when fishermen along the coast of China would celebrate the seventh day of Chinese New Year, known as Renri or ‘everyone’s birthday’, with this fresh fish and diced vegetable dish.
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Celebrate Chinese New Year in style at Hutong!

Lo Hei or 'Toss Up' Salad - on the menu from 30th January until 14th February

We are greatly looking forward to celebrating our first Chinese New Year at Hutong, and have some exciting activities planned to make it a very special occasion.

Until February 14th – the end of Chinese New Year – four specially-created cocktails ‘Fortune’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Wealth’ and ‘Longevity’ will be available in the Shanghai Bar, using ingredients which are believed to bring or denote these four themes of celebration.
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