More cocktails to tempt and delight

We recently introduced three of the intriguing cocktails now being served in the Shanghai Bar, and this week bring you three more to tempt and delight, chosen for their complex and unusual flavours as well as their beautiful presentation!
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Bright & StormyHutong's PenicillinShiitake & Cranberry

Exciting and innovative new cocktails

Visit the Shanghai Bar and you will find a new cocktail list has been introduced, featuring unique drinks specially created by our bar team the likes of which you will not find anywhere else! To complement chef Bing’s highly-skilled layering of flavours and use of authentic spicing and seasoning in our food, the cocktails are similarly complex and intriguing.
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Enjoy Hutong later with Shanghai Nights

Shanghai Bar

You can now enjoy your experience at Hutong for longer with our Shanghai Bar staying open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.
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Guanyin, Iron Goddess of Mercy

One of our most commented-upon artefacts in Hutong is the beautiful, some say mesmerising bronze statue which stands directly opposite the moon-gate into the Shanghai Bar. Familiar to many of our guests but perhaps less so to others, the subject of this work of art is Guanyin (觀音), also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy.
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New cocktails in the Shanghai Bar

Our 'Ancient Fashioned' cocktail

Visit the Shanghai Bar and you’ll discover a completely new cocktail list, created by bars manager Myles Donneky and his talented team. Our popular tea-based ‘Bing Cha‘ cocktails have all been remixed and are joined by an exciting selection of new Hutong Signature cocktails.
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Our Shanghai BarOur 'steaming' bing cha cocktails!Picture   -  David Bebber

The Cocktail Lovers love our cocktails!

When our bars manager Myles Donneky launched our new cocktail list earlier this year, we were quietly confident that his innovative bing cha or ‘iced tea’ cocktails and Chinese-influenced classics and new creations would be popular with our guests – and that’s certainly proved to be the case!

Nonetheless we were still overwhelmed when the UK’s leading magazine for cocktail connoisseurs, The Cocktail Lovers, visited the Shanghai Bar to sample some of the list and it resulted in a glowing, not to mention very comprehensive, review.
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Feel the bite of our Red Snapper!

Hutong's Red Snapper cocktail

Although we only introduced our new cocktails a few weeks ago, some of the new drinks are already establishing themselves as firm favourites both with our guests and press. Indeed, olive magazine were so taken with our Red Snapper that they even asked us for the recipe to share with their readers!
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Bing Cha cocktails at Hutong's Shanghai BarThe Jade Emperor cocktail at Hutong's Shanghai BarShanghai Vines at Hutong's Shanghai BarCrispy peking duck rollsThe full dim sum menu is available at lunchtime at HutongHutong's Shanghai Bar

The pleasure of new cocktails

A cocktail in our Shanghai Bar, whether before or after dining or as an indulgence on its own, has always been one of the pleasures of visiting Hutong. Now, to mark our first anniversary of opening, we hope to further enhance the pleasure with an all-new cocktail list and the introduction of dim sum service in the bar.

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Hutong's signature Comfortably NumbThe 'Dragon Pearl' at HutongPhoto credit: Paul Winch-Furness

Feel better with our ‘Cocktail Cures’!

Chinese medicine is an ancient practice which employs herbs and plants to treat myriad conditions of the body and mind. For many centuries, the Chinese have chosen to use this traditional method in preference to ‘modern’ medicine, believing its natural, drug-free approach to be more beneficial to the human body than man-made medicaments.

Wishing to honour this long tradition respectfully but not without a little humour, the team in our Shanghai Bar developed our list of ‘Cocktail Cures’ –  recipes using just a few of the many hundreds of ingredients which practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine believe to be beneficial.
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