Introducing our 8 new anniversary dishes

Dark soy marinated shredded chicken with home-made butterfly buns

Since we opened in June 2013, there have been very few changes to the a la carte menu at Hutong, a reflection of the enduring popularity of many dishes. But knowing our guests’ appetite for discovering the flavours of northern China, to mark our first anniversary of opening we have introduced eight new dishes which we are sure will quickly become as popular as those they join.
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Subtle, savoury & aromatic – the delights of Lu School cuisine

Fried Prawns with salted egg yolk and crab roe sauce

While many of our guests are drawn to Hutong by our fiery, fearlessly-spiced Sichuanese dishes, just as many favour one of our other specialities – the aromatic and savoury dishes derived from the ancient Lu School of Chinese cuisine. Rooted in northern China’s Shandong province, Lu is one of the ‘Four Great Traditions’, or schools, of Chinese cuisine, the others being Yang, Yue and Chuan.
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Explore northern Chinese cuisine with Hutong’s Signature Menu

Chilled spiced razor clams steeped in Chinese rose wine

With such a wide array of tempting dishes on our menu, it can be difficult to choose what to enjoy at Hutong. To order the spicier, fiery dishes of Sichuan such as our Red Lantern soft-shell crab with dried chilli, or the more aromatic, tangy dishes of Shandong, like Boneless Dover sole in coriander-vinegar sauce?

Allow us to suggest the perfect solution – our Signature Menu, which for £68 per person presents eight of our most popular dishes, representing the many exciting facets of our cuisine, together with a selection of desserts.
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