Our ‘Double Fifth’ journey continues north to Shandong

Posted on May 13, 2014

Continuing our journey through the culinary regions of China, leading up to our Dragon Boat Festival celebrations later this month, this week we travel north to Shandong. Shandong’s exquisite cuisine, also known as Lu cuisine, features widely on our menu, but for this special menu our chefs have created a completely new dish.

Shandong, in northern China, is known primarily for its seafood, but also has a tradition for dishes of aromatic shredded chicken and stuffed meat buns. It is also notable for its use of salt, or alternatives such as salted fermented soy beans or soy sauce, as its primary condiment. All three of these elements combine in this Dark soy-marinated shredded chicken, served with home-made steamed butterfly buns!

Presented dramatically on a wooden board, we suggest first placing a small amount of the tender, warm shredded chicken into the middle of one of the pillow-soft buns, before spooning on some of the deeply-savoury dark soy sauce to taste. The three elements combine to make a delicious parcel of flavour that truly captures the essence of Shandong’s long culinary heritage.

The ‘Double Fifth’ menu will be available from Tuesday 27th May until Monday 2nd June, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, and is priced at £55 per person for five courses from five regions. Book your table today on the About Us page.

Have you experienced the deeply savoury cuisine of Shandong province, or the lighter seafood dishes of the Lu School? Which is your favourite Chinese region for cuisine? Let us know in the Comments.