Discover guaiwei, Sichuan’s ‘exotic taste’


Since introducing our new set lunch menu, one dish has been causing particular interest – the Guaiwei prawn and cuttlefish in pickled chilli sauce. Exhilaratingly spicy but at the same time rich and sweet, the dish offers diners a rare opportunity to experience guaiwei – the so-called ‘exotic taste’ prized in Sichuan cuisine but virtually unknown outside of it.
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New Signature Menu

Our Signature Menu is the ideal way to discover the variety and complexity of our cuisine, presenting a selection of dishes from our a la carte menu carefully selected to complement each other. The new Signature Menu, available at lunch and dinner, presents eight dishes and dessert for £68 per person, for a minimum of two people.

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Grateful to Grazia

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We couldn’t have been more pleased when, following their recent visit, top fashion and lifestyle title Grazia published this very positive review. With a gimlet eye on our décor, food and service, Grazia’s critic Alice Tate evaluated every aspect of her experience – and reached some very satisfying conclusions!
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Ma la chilli prawnsSichuanHutong double fifith menu 27th May - 2nd June

Sichuan and the meaning of ‘ma la’

Few dishes could better represent the famously fiery cuisine of Sichuan, one of the five regions to feature on our ‘Double Fifth’ menu earlier this year, than our Ma la chilli prawns. ‘Ma la’ comes from two Chinese characters meaning, respectively, ‘numbing’ 麻 and ‘spicy (hot)’ 辣 and describes the sensation in the mouth the dish creates.
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