Double Fifth: our journey takes us to Guangdong

Posted on May 7, 2014

Continuing from last week’s introduction to our special ‘Double Fifth’ menu marking the tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival, our culinary voyage this week takes us to Guangdong, the populous south-east coastal province.

Guangdong translates as ‘Eastern expanse’ and it is certainly an expansive province, covering nearly 70,000 square miles and home to almost 8% of China’s entire population. It is from the Portuguese rendering of Guangdong - Cantão - that the word Cantonese is derived; the style of Chinese cuisine most familiar in the west is largely Cantonese.

For our Guangdong dish however we have chosen to highlight to seafood typical of the region (it is a coastal province, after all) in the form of Rosé Champagne shrimp, Scallop and pumpkin and Crystal crabmeat dumplings in a delicious platter of mixed, steamed dim sum. Made freshly to order, these dumplings are light, succulent, and almost sweet, making them the perfect dish to follow the fiery first course, Spicy abalone & cuttlefish salad.

To join us for the Double Fifth menu, available from Tuesday 27th May to Monday 2nd June inclusive, book your table today on the About Us page.

Have you visited the ‘Eastern expanse’ of Guangdong? Do you enjoy Cantonese cuisine, or do you favour the food of another region of China? Let us know in the Comments!