Delicious deep-fried deboned turbot

Deep-fried deboned turbot

Last week we introduced one of chef Bing‘s striking new centrepiece dishes, his decadent Kung Po lobster. This week we present another, his delicious Deep-fried deboned turbot with citrus dressing.
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Kung Po-style lobster – a classic dish revived

Kung Po-style whole lobster

A dish sure to become as talked about as our famous Roasted Peking duck and signature Red Lantern soft-shell crab is chef Bing Luo‘s spectacular new Kung Po-style whole lobster with Sichuan pepper, diced onion and cashew nuts. A classic of Sichuanese cuisine, Kung Po is more usually made with chicken or sometimes with prawns – a dish also available on our a la carte menu – but it is rare indeed for it be made with lobster.
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Meet The Team – our new chef, Bing Luo

Hutong head chef Luo Bing

We are delighted to introduce a new head chef at Hutong, Bing Luo, who joined the team in January. Chef Bing will head up the kitchen ensuring that our existing menu continues to be delivered to the highest standards, as well as introducing new dishes in his own particular style to delight our guests.

At a tasting of some of Bing’s delicious new dishes, which we will bring you more news of soon, we caught with our new chef to ask him a few questions.
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Enjoy a Reunion Dinner this Chinese New Year

Steamed cod with Sichuan peppercorns

The Reunion Dinner is a meal traditionally enjoyed by families – as many generations as are able to gather, often travelling from afar and even from overseas for the occasion – on the eve of Chinese New Year. A generous feast with a whole fish centrepiece - symbolising togetherness – it is believed to bring luck for the year ahead.

On Wednesday 18th February – Chinese New Year’s Eve – we will be serving a special Reunion Dinner menu alongside the main a la carte to enable families, friends and groups of colleagues to enjoy this wonderful tradition for themselves.
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Chefs share their chilli expertise

Grouper fillet in chilli broth

Our Chilli Connoisseur Menu, available throughout November, has been proving extremely popular both with guests familiar with our northern Chinese cuisine and those intrigued enough by the menu to try it!

One wonderful effect of the menu has been to encourage guests to ask our team questions about the many varieties of chilli, how they are used in Chinese food and some of the myths and misconceptions around them. We thought it would be interesting to share some of the questions and answers here.
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Mid-Autumn Festival menu drinks pairing


To accompany our Mid-Autumn Festival Menu, our bar team and sommeliers have worked together to create an optional drinks pairing, showcasing Chinese wines and spirits and taking the moon as its inspiration.
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Mid-Autumn Festival Menu & mooncake

Traditional mooncake served with lychee sorbet

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important Chinese festivals, falling on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar during a full moon – Monday, 8th September this year.  Celebrating the legend of Chang’e, the moon goddess, and Houyi, the archer, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for gathering, thanksgiving and praying.
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Introducing our 8 new anniversary dishes

Dark soy marinated shredded chicken with home-made butterfly buns

Since we opened in June 2013, there have been very few changes to the a la carte menu at Hutong, a reflection of the enduring popularity of many dishes. But knowing our guests’ appetite for discovering the flavours of northern China, to mark our first anniversary of opening we have introduced eight new dishes which we are sure will quickly become as popular as those they join.
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Subtle, savoury & aromatic – the delights of Lu School cuisine

Fried Prawns with salted egg yolk and crab roe sauce

While many of our guests are drawn to Hutong by our fiery, fearlessly-spiced Sichuanese dishes, just as many favour one of our other specialities – the aromatic and savoury dishes derived from the ancient Lu School of Chinese cuisine. Rooted in northern China’s Shandong province, Lu is one of the ‘Four Great Traditions’, or schools, of Chinese cuisine, the others being Yang, Yue and Chuan.
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